Did You?

Did you smoke, and for how long? Did you drink, how much, how often? Did you have kids? Did you use a tanning bed? Did you even try to lose weight? Did you take hormones or the Pill? Did you eat enough blueberries? Did you eat tomatoes? Did you eat meat? Did you buy organic? … Continue reading “Did You?”

The Things I Didn’t Say Before

I am again on tenterhooks today, like many others. I even saw a think piece about how this election is a little traumatic for those who thought Clinton would win and woke up in a nightmare world 2 years ago. Obviously, I haven’t written here as regularly in the past 2 years as I did … Continue reading “The Things I Didn’t Say Before”

Your Phrases Are Problematic

I’m so behind on everything. I started this post when I listened to a podcast that was over a week old—and that was in the first week of the year. It was one of those year-end specials, about the most hated/loved words/phrases of the year. So, yeah, I’m writing a post inspired by a year-end … Continue reading “Your Phrases Are Problematic”

Thank YOU!!

You did it! Now 100 of us have signed up for the Thunderclap on Oct 1! Now we know our social media message will be sent out at 7am PDT/10am EDT/3pm BST. Thanks to everyone who signed up and shared our tweets, posts, and blog messages, urging your friends to join in to inject some reality … Continue reading “Thank YOU!!”

How Did I Get Here?

This is gonna sound weird coming from someone who 1) is writing a blog about breast cancer and 2) is usually engaged with breast cancer social media users for a good portion of every day. But here goes: sometimes I forget how it is or why it is I came to be so involved. Do … Continue reading “How Did I Get Here?”

No Participation Award For You

I will try not to be harsh when I say to anyone out there doing the silly “awareness” selfies, doffing your bra (groan), or even buying useless products with ribbons, that you are not accomplishing much of anything. And therefore you do not deserve applause, gratitude, or the right to gloat, “I helped.” Stick with … Continue reading “No Participation Award For You”

My Oncologist Can Beat Up Your Oncologist – The Disease Olympics Part 3

Conclusion, see Part 1, Part 2. So this is what happened early 2013 or late 2012, can’t remember exactly. Point is, it was a long time ago, when I was still in my post-treatment, semi-depressed, white-hot angry about cancer culture phase, and was new to cancer social media. I’m admitting here I’ve held onto this … Continue reading “My Oncologist Can Beat Up Your Oncologist – The Disease Olympics Part 3”

The “Now That You’re Over 40” Speech

I didn’t really start getting the “now that you’re over 40” speech until I was 41. When I turned 40 I was still getting Herceptin every 3 weeks. After that was over, I had to take a break from medical offices for just a little bit. But then the annual stuff came up–gyno, primary care … Continue reading “The “Now That You’re Over 40” Speech”

You. Are. Scaring. Me.

Attention all medical professionals–doctors, nurses, especially those working in imaging facilities: your questions frighten me. I used to think MRIs the most serious and nerve wracking of all imaging tests, but now I think ultrasounds are just as bad. I’ve had a few of those–first to find my breast cancer back in 2010, then all … Continue reading “You. Are. Scaring. Me.”