Live! From a BCAction Webinar! Cancer Curmudgeon!

bcactionYep, I will be talking at y’all live on Wed, May 31 via a Breast Cancer Action webinar. As a panelist for The Case for Universal Healthcare, I will tell my experiences as a breast cancer “survivor” in the gig economy, in a rural area without a lot of choices in healthcare. BCA kindly asked me to provide the example of how policy impacts real people. Diljeet Singh, MD, DrPH, gynecologic oncologist with the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group and national board member of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), will do the heavy lifting, and explain the real details we all need to hear.

As a life-long resident of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, you’d think I have the accent like so many other here have–sounding like I got a mouth full of crab cakes and oyster fritters. I don’t–at least I don’t think so.  I think y’all will be able to understand me. I do get angry about this topic though–so, um, be warned, I’ll try not to sound too strident.

The thing is, blogging suits me. I’m much better at going on and on and on here in written words. I’m naturally shy and introverted. Being this public and actually talking to strangers is difficult for me. But the stakes are just too high, so the choice was clear for me to accept BCA’s offer.

I have tried to keep politics out of my blog to a degree. But in November that began to change. And a few weeks ago, the House of Representatives made a threat to my life. I’ve always loathed the “warrior” language in cancer; but I use words like “fight” so much more now. Because I AM fighting, very hard. I was complacent before–not anymore.

I know some of you out there do not agree with my politics, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve just kind of stopped writing this blog. It’s just too complicated and I found other outlets for my anger. But I do think this is an issue to be discussed. I hope you’ll come hear me out. See where I’m coming from here.

There is still time to sign up HERE–and if you cannot tune it at the appointed time (6 PM Eastern), you can watch it later, but you gotta sign up!

Hope we meet on Wednesday!

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