Vote like your life depends on it.

Because it does.

Americans with pre-existing conditions, and the people who care about us, MUST vote on November 6th for candidates who will fight for our fundamental healthcare protections.

What power do we have against politicians who will leave us behind to struggle—and possibly die—with useless and/or unaffordable healthcare coverage—or with NO coverage at all?

With #HealthCareTheVote AND our ballots in November, we will send a loud message to candidates and our elected officials:

We are watching what you say and do about our healthcare. We WILL VOTE accordingly. And we will encourage many friends with pre-existing conditions to vote the same way.

A group of concerned “Citizens of CancerLand” is kicking off a two-month social media campaign to educate and fire up as many people as possible for informed midterm election voting.

The campaign is dedicated to, and inspired by, activist Beth Caldwell @cultperfectmoms. She waged a relentless fight for access to affordable health care, and so must we. In Beth’s name, we want to let the GOP (and some wimpy Democrats!) know this:

“Having health challenges doesn’t mean we lack the individual and collective strength to vote your asses out of office if you keep abandoning us.”

Want to #HealthCaretheVote with us?

We welcome all defenders of fundamental healthcare protections who fall anywhere on the political continuum from wanting to save/improve ACA to advocating Medicare-for-All.

Use #HealthCaretheVote to learn more about, and share, candidates’ positions on healthcare issues–and to encourage each other to vote like our lives depend on it!

If you need a boost, an idea, think about this:

I #HealthCaretheVote because…

…I believe health care is a basic human right

…if I get cancer again I don’t want to have to choose between bankrupting my family and surviving.

…it’s unbelievable in a civilized society that 1 in 3 GoFundMe campaigns are for paying medical bills.

…I just learned that my district’s representative voted against ACA 30 times, and I want to make sure he can’t do it again.

So. Why do YOU #HealthCareTheVote?


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