Can I Do Anything?

Great, I have insomnia tonight so I see a post about why sleep deprivation is bad for you. A few clicks into the slideshow and there it is….lack of sleep causes cancer.

Well of course it does. Because there is not a scientist or medical researcher alive that cannot somehow link anything a person does to cancer. And yes, it has to be something the person with cancer did, because we all know those of us with cancer brought it on ourselves. I know I keep harping on the blame the victim issue. I’ll stop when “they” (researchers, scientists, doctors, journalists) stop blaming the patients.

Best part was the note in the blurb saying lack of sleep is linked to recurrence of breast cancer. So I am up at nights sometimes worrying about cancer coming back…and that causes cancer to come back. Or the other half of the time, I’m out like a light, because I still get very tired, very suddenly thanks to all that treatment.


I have to go back to breathing now. Whoops, better not do that, it causes cancer.

Author: Cancer Curmudgeon

Oct 2010 diagnosed with Stage 3, HER2+ Breast Cancer. Completed treatment Jan 2012. Waaaaaay over pink. Applying punk rock sensibility to how I do cancer.

2 thoughts on “Can I Do Anything?”

  1. I read this as well and also read working late/night shifts cause cancer too (so that’s not good news for all our women paramedics, police, nurses, firefighters….etc). Breast cancer treatment made me an insomniac sometimes having as little as 2 hours sleep per night. So does that mean the side effects of my treatment could lead to a reoccurrence? Like you’ve said, everything seems to cause cancer in one shape or form, what doesn’t happen (except in a few rare instances) is that the medics say “we think its genetic” if you don’t have the BRCA gene. I was lucky with my medical team, they reviewed my family history and suggest the cause is genetic even though I test negative for BRCA and they also suggested there was little or nothing I could have done to avoid this. In 10 years time perhaps we’ll find more women are being told their DNA is the root cause of their illness.


  2. Ha ha, your comment made me realize what else irks me about the genetics/DNA thing…it can be used to blame cancer on the patient once again! No recognition that crap in the air, food, and products we consume have any impact at all!
    Sigh, sorry, just frustrated that all cancer seems to be the fault of the patient while research into other factors seems to be purposely avoided, which makes this paranoid X-Files fan suspicious. And I was annoyed that I was caught off guard…couldn’t sleep, thought it would be funny to see what lack of sleep would do to me, and once again seeing—unexpectedly—that cancer is a result. Sometimes I feel like the medical research community just wants to point fingers at anyone and anything to make it look like they are making progress in cancer research, when no real answers are being found.


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