2 thoughts on “Today I Honor”

  1. oh, gosh CC and annemarie,

    this is my first night of checking out blogs of dear friends to catch up, to help me turn outside of myself and have a break from all the grief stricken moments that flood my reality non-stop. and here’s what i find. the tears are flowing once again, but not with sorrow; they are flowing because i am so beyond touched for this beautiful and heartfelt message, honoring my hugh. hugh was always highly curious about the times i would be logged onto blogs for hours – i let him read some of the exchanges so he could see why i was so caught up. immediately – he GOT it, and was so happy for me to be able to connect and participate, and maybe even a little wistful, wishing he could make some new friends, too. i think he was finally ready to go off on his own and see what he could contribute to the myeloma community, maybe connect with a kindred spirit or two. he never got the chance – but at times i feel certain that curiosity has gotten the better of him, and he’s spending a fair amount of time now peeking over my shoulder. so, honey-boy, if you’re there, look at how CC and annemarie have honored you. and wait – hold on, don’t go just yet. here’s something from me to you – I STILL LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY!

    thanks, my darling friends for such a lovely and thoughtful post and response. you blow me away with your big, loving hearts, and i love you, too.




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