Preemptive Strike

So a week after the Big Announcement I see a blurb about how mothers likely to get post-partum depression can be identified by genetic markers. No mention in the blurb of how to prevent it (I guess not having kids). Of course, any prevention would be dangerous to the fetus I’m sure, so prevention is probably out of the question. Perhaps the treatments currently in place are not a big deal (but I doubt it), don’t know, never been pregnant, and never will, not going to look further into it.

It was the way the information was presented that irked me. Perhaps it is the way, and the amount, and the types of information I consume these days. It’s like science is going “hey look, we can tell you this horrible thing is going to happen to you!” Uh, thanks? It’s like going to the world’s worst psychic, hearing about your impending doom, yet the psychic is pleased with himself for being able to see the future in the cards or crystal ball. He’s an expert at what he does, you should be happy you know your future, what’s the matter with you?

Not saying science or gene research is stupid and should be stopped, I just wish other searches in science were keeping up, so the impending doom can be averted. If you could know the date and nature of your end, do you want to know it? Ugh, forget it, I’m too tired to get into some deep, meaningful, philosophical discussion—I just want to stop my cancer from coming back.

It almost no longer matters to me if they identify the gene mutation that caused my cancer. For starters, I already have cancer, so I can only prevent more cancer. And then for those who don’t have cancer yet, the prevention offered in a word, sucks.

I KNOW I’m not the only one who thinks options like preventative mastectomy and Tamoxifen prescriptions are awful. Why are they awful? Because they are cancer treatments, and treatment sucks. Seems to me a perk of prevention of cancer should, ya know, be the avoidance of treatment.

Is it just me, or are preventative mastectomy and preventative Tamoxifen regimens preemptive strikes masquerading as prevention?

I want something else.

Author: Cancer Curmudgeon

Oct 2010 diagnosed with Stage 3, HER2+ Breast Cancer. Completed treatment Jan 2012. Waaaaaay over pink. Applying punk rock sensibility to how I do cancer.

3 thoughts on “Preemptive Strike”

  1. There are two main treatments for depression and one of them is cognitive psychotherapy, which could be tried as a preventative measure for women at risk for post-partum depression. Also, women at risk could be monitored more closely during the post-partum period and more quickly referred for treatment. I had post-partum depression and because depression impacts judgment, as a psychologist I didn’t even recognize it until 2 years later. If I had known before hand, I could have made a support plan and perhaps my first two years of motherhood wouldn’t have been the unhappiest time in my life. So, I am very happy to hear about this scientific advance.


    1. I read the blurb (I’m being generous, more like half a blurb) on Time’s blog, but there was no info other than the fact the marker had been found, and I do not remember any links being provided to give more info, hence that was what set me off. And like I said, I didn’t look further because it is not something I need to bog myself down with, but I was still annoyed it was not more complete to make it easier for those who do need the info! Hopefully, others will have more luck…you’re in the profession, you have the inside track, LOL! So, I’m glad you left some good stuff in you comment, if anyone needs some direction, thanks for that.
      I never wanted kids, ever. Now I wonder if I had wanted them, then found I had the marker, would it change my mind. I suspect I know someone who would’ve made the choice to not have kids, if she knew what was coming. Not sure what to think of that.


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