Dear Pop Culture

Dear Pop Culture

Author: Cancer Curmudgeon

Oct 2010 diagnosed with Stage 3, HER2+ Breast Cancer. Completed treatment Jan 2012. Waaaaaay over pink. Applying punk rock sensibility to how I do cancer.

4 thoughts on “Dear Pop Culture”

    1. I’ve always thought the war metaphor should be that my body is the battleground while cancer and chemo were the opposing armies/warriors–which I think I’ve mentioned in past posts. But this would deny cancer patients the feeling of control, of being a kick ass warrior, and some people need that, and that is fine. I just wish folks would realize we don’t all embrace it that way.


  1. dear CC – excellent post! your direct, no-nonsense, explanation of the repercussions of using battle waging, warrior labels that dehumanize and marginalize persons who are decimated by fucking cancer, the goddamn random beast, is exceptionally worded. I wish we could recognize each individual person who dies of the mofo disease as having done the best they could, and offer our heartfelt sympathy for them and their loved ones without the blatant implication that they ended up being a “loser”. once again, you show us in no uncertain terms that are graphic and true – WORDS MATTER. PEOPLE MATTER. PS – DEAR POP CULTURE, PLEASE TRY TO GET THIS CONCEPT INTO YOUR HEADS. YOU ARE NOT HONORING A PERSON WHO HAS HAD CANCER AND IS NOW DEAD, WHEN YOU REFER TO BATTLES, WARS, AND WIN/LOSE. AND YOU ARE MAKING PERSONS WHO ARE NOT HAVING SUCCESS WITH TREATMENT FEEL GUILTY AND SCARED AND INADEQUATE AT THE WORST TIME IN THEIR LIVES. IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD TO SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE, AND HONOR THEIR LIVES, STOP THE FAWNING AND FALSENESS, AND TELL SOMETHING ABOUT THE PERSON THAT REFLECTS WHO THEY TRULY WERE. WHY WOULD YOU ASCRIBE SUCH NEGATIVITY IN A STORY ABOUT A PERSON WHO LIVED WITH SUCH A HORRIBLE DISEASE, THEN DIED. YOU DO THEM NO FAVOR, YOU DO THEM NO HONOR.



    1. I actually wrote this and tagged it specifically for my tumblr and linked it here as an afterthought–I follow EW & Rolling Stone on tumblr and allegedly EW looks at other posts with their tag. But I seriously doubt they’ll notice my complaint. I am gonna take your comment here and put it on my tumblr, so folks will see that yeah, not everyone likes the warrior talk.


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