6 thoughts on “The Real Issue Today”

  1. I don’t know where I was, online, yesterday, but I saw an article on the FOX network, advocating “No Bra Day.” My blood boiled!! I told them how insensitive and stupid they were and that they are merely celebrating a boob-porn day…. If I find the link, I’ll share with you. I was just in disbelief that a news outfit would support such stupidity!


      1. I wrote to them. Doubt it will do any good, but, here’s what I wrote and to whom:


        I am writing on behalf of thousands of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, are fighting breast cancer, have died from breast cancer, are scarred and deformed from breast cancer to address your insensitivity and ignorance in advocating a worthless “event” promoting women to go bra-less.

        Has anyone in your health department given an ounce of thought to how this stupidity may make us feel?

        How is ‘not wearing a bra’ going to support breast cancer research?

        If Fox News insists on bandwagon-ing, why not consider the real issue of what October 13th stands for – National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Why not take a look at the Scar Project and see what breast cancer does to “boobs?” http://www.thescarproject.org/

        Many of us breast cancer survivors write, we blog, it might be worth someone at your health news department to scoot around an actual community of breast cancer patients to understand the reality of the subject.

        We hope that Fox News will be more sensible next October 13th and promote breast cancer awareness in a more responsible, informative and less celebratory manner.


        Reference: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/10/13/set-your-girls-free-monday-is-national-no-bra-day/#


      2. Holy shit! I clicked and took a pass at the comments they did NOT remove. Pretty much like the comments I saw on any site that did a blurb about the day–disgusting and nothing to do with disease. Just a lot of “set ’em free every day” and “not the granny ones”. And some folks have the nerve to criticize those of us who complain about the sexualization of the disease, saying we have no sense of fun and at least these things bring awareness. No, they don’t, and these comments prove it.

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      3. Oh, but, that’s not the worst… the email address for foxnews is BOGUS!! I have tried sending from my gmail account and from my home account, everything comes back as “address rejected”. FU*K! I have changed their email address to simply, foxnew@foxnews.com… everything comes back.


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