Louder Together

In this last few hours, I implore all to spread the word about our #CancerRealityCheck Thunderclap. And to participate in the Tweetstorm for the hour after the Thuderclap (details below). The more of us speaking up and out, the more likely we’ll be heard. Global stats about cancer deaths are staggering–so many of us have cancer! Think if we all spoke up about that reality!


I know, it will be on a weekend, things are going on. Personally, as an American, after our storm I will be all #FlyEaglesFly. So, please, just take this one measly hour to tweet about the realities of your cancer experience.

Here are the details:

Sign up for the Thunderclap to take place on Sunday, 5 Feb (4 PM in the UK, Noon Eastern US, 9 AM Pacific US times). Tweet your experiences the hour after the Thunderclap, using #CancerRealityCheck.

Remember it’s the amount of TWEETING and the amount of people RETWEETING your tweets that will get us noticed AND (this is important) ONLY use  on the tweets as this will help to trend – using any other hashtags will diffuse and dilute the message on the TRENDING board!


We(@bccww & @abcdiagnosis look forward to reading some great tweets!

Author: Cancer Curmudgeon

Oct 2010 diagnosed with Stage 3, HER2+ Breast Cancer. Completed treatment Jan 2012. Waaaaaay over pink. Applying punk rock sensibility to how I do cancer.

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