2019 Blog Hop Challenge Questions

OK Nancy, here ya go!

  1. Who are you? If applicable, share anything you want about your cancer (type, stage, when diagnosed, whatever.) Share something about yourself such as where you live, the name of your blog and it’s “mission”, a challenge you have faced or are facing now, or whatever you want.

My name is Wendi Dennis, aka Cancer Curmudgeon—a name I chose because I never had a nickname growing up, and well, you know my crappy attitude.

I was diagnosed on Oct 25, 2010 (a few days before my 39th birthday) with Stage 3B breast cancer, E/P negative, HER2 Positive. I didn’t really know what any of that meant. I do now.

I live in America’s Coolest Small Town (2014) Berlin, MD. You can see my town in movies Runaway Bride and Tuck Everlasting. I am a Delmarva (Delaware-Maryland-Virginia) native many generations back—but I am NOT much like others in my town. It’s very conservative and faux Southern. I am not.

My blog is called Another One With The Cancer, and I chose the handle Cancer Curmudgeon—at the time I was coming at blogging and general social media crap via Tumblr, where real, actual names were not a thing (still aren’t). I kept my real name hidden for a couple of years out of paranoia but I guess I’m over it now. See the about me section on my blog—explains the names and all.

When I began the blog I thought: if ONLY people knew what it was REALLY like to have breast cancer, all this pink fluffy shit would evaporate. I was an idiot. The blog evolved into just musings for the like-minded, so those who had similar views would not think of themselves as crazy/ungrateful/bitchy/etc. I’m just preaching to the choir, basically. 

  1. Have you ever participated in a blog hop before? 


  1. What’s your favorite sort of blog post to write and/or read – personal story, informational, how to, controversial, political, opinion, rant or other? 

At the risk of sounding lame, cannot say I have a favorite sort. Personal story and rant probably.   

  1. Describe yourself in three words. Yes, just three! 

Procrastinator, moody, introvert

  1. Name three of your favorite books from your youth (whatever age that means to you.) that had an impact on you. 

“To Kill a Mockingbird” – because, duh, faux Southern

Any of the Ramona books—because I love an agent of chaos

“Interview With the Vampire”—cliché, I know. But it made me realize I actually loved historical fiction best. If I had time to read books these days, that would be my genre of choice. I eventually grew frustrated with Rice’s florid style. But the book will always kindle a glow in my heart. 

  1. What are you reading right now, or what’s on your to-read list for when you have time?

Just the horrible news. I’m all podcasts all the time now—so I can absorb while driving, walking dogs, etc. It’s mostly news and politics. I have enjoyed American Hysteria tho’—which is more about stupid crap Americans believe.   

  1. What’s your favorite dessert of all time?

Cheesecake and brownie sundae; I refuse to choose between the two. 

  1. Tell us about a special pet you have, had, or would like to have. (Never wanted a pet, that’s okay too.)

Cats, cats, cats. My most recent cat was euthanized at the end of June and I am still not over it. She was never supposed to be a pet, she belong to a neighbor. But she chose me and I accepted. I hope her final 2 years with me were good. 

  1. What’s something people don’t know about you and might be surprised to learn?

Not sure I can surprise my readers—I’ve kinda put it all out there? 

  1. Do you believe healthcare is a privilege or a right?

A right. And even for those that believe it to be a privilege—with the costs so high that only a slice of America could possibly afford it—how is this fucking fair?! 

  1. What’s your favorite thing about blogging and/or reading blogs?

Connection with other regular people—not paid media 

  1. What’s something you really suck at?

Most things! Argh, next question! 

  1. What’s something you’re pretty good at?

Loving animals. 

  1. How do you escape from cancer (or life in general) worries?

I “escaped”—if I could call it that—from cancer right into politics which is also a nightmare. So escaping from worry? Hmm, YouTube and other curated social media. I was into pimple popping there for a bit (admit it, if any of you were too). Funny cats and other animals too of course (videos and memes). Tumblr was a big help when I was in my immediate post-treatment phase. I am forever grateful to members of the MCU fandom—it really helped. I even did some proofing of fan fiction—totally new for me back then! Those ladies will always hold a special place in my heart. These days it’s stupid K-pop/BTS crap. I formally apologize to all who follow me on Twitter, for all the ARMY crap I’ve been RTing lately. I need the break from reality so that’s what I’m amusing myself with for the time being.

Author: Cancer Curmudgeon

Oct 2010 diagnosed with Stage 3, HER2+ Breast Cancer. Completed treatment Jan 2012. Waaaaaay over pink. Applying punk rock sensibility to how I do cancer.

9 thoughts on “2019 Blog Hop Challenge Questions”

  1. Pimple popping shows are my guilty pleasure too. It’s so satisfying! I also love cats and cat videos. My husband laughs that my social media is full of cancer and cats. Loved getting to know you a bit better! Love and light to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNEW I was so NOT alone with the pimple popping. There’s a show on TV too–but I can’t get into that. YouTube/the Interwebs can be terrible, but if you curate it just right, it can bring a weird joy. Good to hear from you! xoxxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Wendi – I’ve been aware of your blog, through Marie’s roundup, so it’s nice to meet you. As a Brit, I’m not sure what you mean by “faux Southern” although I imagine you mean that it’s not true to life? I only ask because I thought “To Kill A Mocking Bird” was a good read (we had to study it at school when I was 16) – it’s very different from life over here, of course, so I wouldn’t know how true to real life it is.


    1. Oh I did not mean the book is faux Southern–I was referring to my first answer about my ID/background/where I am from. I’m from the a very low/Southern and very eastern part of the state of Maryland. Like 2-3 hours from Washington D.C. so it’s VERY different from what I imagine the world thinks of when they think of DC. Technically we are below the Mason-Dixon line (a line of demarcation used in the antebellum era)–but Maryland isn’t like, say, the kinds of “Southern” types as seen in the movies. Some like to THINK they are, but, um, no. So I kind of refer to my region as faux Southern in a sarcastic way.
      As for TKAMB yes great book, but not without problems. It has that white savior syndrome thing, which is pretty bad and sadly has tarnished my memory of the book. And I haven’t read that follow up released after Harper Lee’s death, which casts Atticus in a bad light. I have it on Audible, but I’m not sure I can listen. Maybe someday. Right now I need to cling to things that provide comfort, and TKAMB still does…a little bit.
      So glad to “meet” you thanks for chiming in! I don’t blog as much as I used to, I will…try…harder….

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      1. Thank you so much for explaining “faux Southern” Wendi – it makes sense to me now! And thank you also for teaching me something else new – although I’m familiar with the Mason-Dixon line, I had never heard the term “antibellum” before in that context. Fortunately, my schoolgirl Latin helped me to work it out – I can still remember chanting the various declensions of the noun: bellum bellum bellum belli bello bello bella bella bella bellorum bellis bellis! Good point about TKAMB – I guess I was just glad that someone was trying to help. I knew Harper Lee had decided to write a second book, but I don’t think I would want to read it either. Let me know if you do, and if it’s worth taking a look at / listen to.


  3. Hi CC,
    So glad you decided to participate and you beat the deadline with time to spare. LOL Like you, I am also a procrastinator and an introvert. I no longer apologize for either, especially the latter. In fact, I should write a post about the evolution of all that sometime. I love how you refused to pick just one dessert. Haha. Loved “To Kill a Mockingbird” too, and the movie is one my favorites. Did you read “Go Tell a Watchman”? Not as good, but still read worthy. Also like you, I love animals, often more than people. And yeah, you “escape” cancer crap by diving into political crap. OMG. What a nightmare indeed!

    I’ve enjoyed getting to know you via your blog and FB all these years. Not sure how long it’s been. Who’s counting, right? Thanks for participating. If you grab the code (via my post at the bottom) and stick it into your post while in HTLM mode, the entire list will show up here. But it’s not like you have to. Happy blog hopping. Hope to be reading more of your posts in the coming weeks and months. xx

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    1. Oh dear I thought I did the code thing–guess I didn’t. Honestly it seemed too easy, ha ha!

      I too have enjoyed “knowing” you all these years–without you and your blog I’m sure I would’ve gone bonkers (well…ok more bonkers than I am). I treasure the things we have in common that are NOT cancer. It’s that old struggle we have–we are not grateful for getting cancer but recognize how the people we’ve met and enjoyed most in life are because of cancer. I will never get used to that, but I no longer struggle against it–know what I mean?

      Thanks for the annual challenge the kick in the butt! xoxoxo

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