Cancer Reality Checks

In September of 2016, a group of tweeps,  , began chit chatting about how Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), AKA Pinktober, did not tell the reality of what so many of us face: the surgical scars, the neuropathy, the radiation burns, and, and, and….

So we thought, hey, how about we show that reality. We encouraged others to share their truths, show some of the realities that somehow never seem to be shown in those feel-good TV/magazine stories. Using the #BreastCancerRealityCheck, we managed to get our message out, just a little bit.

We did it again in 2017.

In 2018, we began to expand our horizons. ALL cancers tend to get a little whitewashed in the media. Let us make sure the reality is out there, too. Let us make sure there is no need for future articles in Lifestyle sections with titles like: “What I wish I knew when I got my cancer diagnosis”. We, as cancer patients, of ALL kinds of cancers, are in a unique position to inject some reality into the narrative.

This was the birth of the Cancer Reality Checks. Check the drop down menu for details of the individual events.

And keep sharing your truths, keep using the hashtags.

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