Sometimes I think the universe gives me the middle finger at random times.

The previous post, Some Word Problems, was about a few words and phrases wearing me out recently. It took a long time to write—I kept going down many paths, packing in too many topics that annoy me. I struggled to keep on point and wound up making a list of other possible blog posts. Finally I got it down to a somewhat manageable and readable ramble, posted it, and immediately embarked on the rest of my busy day.

As I’ve mentioned before, I live in a rural, yet beach resort area, with a growing retiree population. This means lots of rural roads, traffic congestion—not just in the summer—that causes me to get stuck behind some cars for miles on end.

So what do I get stuck behind, just after posting a rant against the phrases about awareness and support? A large SUV, with a pink ribbon sticker over the left tail light bearing the phrase “breast cancer awareness”, and over the right tail light, a sticker bearing the official Komen version of the ribbon with the word “supporter” under it.

No, no, no…I’m not trying to criticize or belittle the car’s owner. Clearly this person’s heart is in the right place, and has made his or her choices about Pink. S/he has no issue with it—I do. I think the ubiquity of the ribbon has damaged, and will do more damage, to the conversation and the “cause” and to women in general. The damage of Pink for this specific Curmudgeon—well, that is what most of the posts on this blog are about.

But I don’t want to get into that.

It was just an odd moment that made me snort with grim laughter. So often, many breast cancer bloggers point out in the throes of Pinktober–hey breast cancer is every day for us, not just one month. Seeing those stickers I realized that it isn’t just the disease itself that is every damn day. With these stickers and other items folks buy and adorn themselves, their cars, their….argh…everything, with—there is no escape from Pink ribbons, 365 days a year. For me, the desire, the need, to spread the truths about breast cancer that Pink omits, is a 365 days a year task.

Or maybe the universe was just giving me the finger.

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