Another 15 Random Curmudgeonly Facts

Answering Nancy’s Point’s hopefully-soon-to-be-annual call for 15 random facts about bloggers! Had to look up what I wrote last year to see what the heck I said then. OK, here goes!

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this here, but my name is Wendi Dennis, and I live (and am from) America’s Coolest Small Town (2014), Berlin, Maryland. It’s about 15 minutes from the beach—Ocean City, Maryland—hence, all the beach pictures I put on various Curmudgeon social media platforms.
  2. That said, being from Maryland, famous for Maryland crabs, I LOVE crab meat; but admit to not liking the typical steamed crab feast involving the picking of the meat out of the little buggers. Too much work when I’m too hungry—and I have no patience anyway.
  3. However, when I buy the crab meat already picked, I make a hell of a crab cake. Old Bay seasoning is important.
  4. I will one day get around to putting the info from random fact #1 on an about page on this blog. One day, when I stop procrastinating, or stop getting distracted by furry animals and shiny objects.
  5. I love artichokes, but up until a few days ago I only had them already prepared—as in the hearts from a package or salad bar somewhere. I roasted a fresh one the other day. It did not go so well. I need practice.
  6. I am addicted to iced mochas (or just mochas in the winter). I’m not fighting the addiction, I submit to it with pleasure.
  7. When asked I say my favorite color is green, yet I buy mostly black clothes and bright blue things. Hmmm.
  8. I’m kind of afraid of cows, which is not a great thing living in an area that has some farms with, you know, cows.
  9. I love to read, but never seem to have time. Or I fall asleep as soon as I sit down to read. Audible is the best thing for me these days. Currently listening to “My Southern Journey: True Stories from the Heart of the South” by Rick Bragg. Love it.
  10. One of Bragg’s essays in the book is in praise of sitting on the porch. He didn’t specify screened in or not, but I love sitting on screened in porches too, just to watch the world.
  11. I somehow manage to get syrup all over myself every time I eat pancakes. So I rarely eat them, though I do like them. If I go out for breakfast and have them, I want to go home and shower and change all my clothes, because I’m convinced I’m covered in syrup, whether I am or not! I call this syrup paranoia.
  12. Syrup Paranoia is an excellent rock band name (remember when Dave Barry’s columns would say this or that dumb phrase would be a great rock band name?). Who wants to join my band, Syrup Paranoia?
  13. As I mentioned on Facebook when I shared Nancy’s post the other day, the small c made a comment about loving clowns that made me remember a random fact about myself—I am afraid of clowns.
  14. Oddly enough, my grandmother gave me a toy clown doll when I was little and I loved it. Not sure what made me change!
  15. In my random 15 last year I said I don’t feel grown up. I still don’t. A year did NOT make any change in me, in spite of the fact I have gone through “the change” (as women in my below-the-Mason-Dixon-line call menopause).

Well that’s all I can think of for now! Hope I did not infect anyone with my syrup paranoia.