Let me start by saying bullying is horrible.

But I am questioning today how it is being confronted.

Watching another stupid morning show and for the second time this week I hear about some non-profit that pays for plastic surgery for kids who are bullied for some aspect of their physical appearance. Right now I am seeing a girl with larger-than-normal ears, and earlier this week I saw a segment about a girl with a larger-than-normal nose. The news reporters do a before and after, interviewing and showing close-ups the girls in both stages.

Can we list all the things wrong with this phenomenon?

  • Granted, I am writing in knee-jerk mode right now and have not researched this issue, but BOTH segments feature GIRLS who feel the need to change their appearance. I need not say more, do I?
  • How many times must I repeat the phrase “blaming the victim”? By getting surgery to rid the problematic physical feature, the bullied is getting modified, when it is the perpetrators that need serious behavior modification to make them less reprehensible human beings.
  • What about those bullied for aspects of themselves that cannot be changed….uh can anyone say sexual orientation? The message I hear is if you are bullied, change what it is about you that is the source of the bullying, and if it cannot be changed, you are shit outta luck.
  • This last one is harsh and cruel, but it needs to be said: a non-profit to pay for kids who cannot pay for plastic surgery, REALLY? Tons of people struggle with medical bills for life-threatening illness on a daily, boring—as in not featured in a news story on TV—basis, and no one cares, no one gives money. I remember being so angry and guilty for that anger this summer upon hearing about how hospitals were treating financially challenged victims of the midnight movie shooting spree free of charge. So, if you are poor and you are lucky enough to get harmed in a life threatening way that is newsworthy, you don’t have to worry about medical costs? But if you are an everyday American, say with cancer, struggling in an unfair medical system, too bad, so sad? If I get cancer again, it will be catastrophic for me financially. If I die, I will just be another casualty of our fucked up health care system, and there will be no non-profit, no news story.

Maybe that should be a news story. Here’s my number Anderson Cooper, call me maybe.


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