A Quick Page Turn

Went to the oncologist yesterday and have been demoted from a twice a year patient to a once a year patient! Yay!!!

No I don’t buy into the mythical 5 year thing. I know that my cancer can recur, or metastasize even 10 years from now. This whole episode is a bit of a unicorn.

But hey, cutting doctor visits in half is good enough for me right now. It always seems like the days available for my oncology visit were hard to coordinate given my pet sitter lifestyle. Too many hoops to jump through. So I welcome having one less day I have to find, strategize, coordinate about. I just want to do my thing every day based on my own schedule.

Ha! My own schedule….what a fool! I am a pet sitter, and completely live in service to our Cat and Dog overlords! When I returned to my clients’ home last night, the cat had been outside all day. I had not been there to let her in one door to let her out another door 2 minutes later. She was so angry, meowing so loud I could hear it through the closed door.

So I thought yesterday would be a sign I was slowly getting my life back from cancer. Maybe—but I was never in charge of my own life anyway I guess. What a fool I am!! All hail the Cat and Dog Overlords who rule my every waking moment!

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