Heeeere’s Cancer!

I cannot take a break from cancer. It pops up even in my escape plans.

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about watching “60 Minutes” specifically to see Anderson Cooper interview someone much cooler than himself—Dave Grohl. Before the Grohl segment came on, I sat through a segment on embryo manipulation—removing the faulty BRCA mutation to end breast cancer. My little respite from cancer was invaded. Then a few days ago, I tuned into “The Daily Show” to see Grohl discuss his awesome History of American Music Cities again. And whaddya know, before his Royal Grohliness was interviewed, more breast cancer!

It’s not that I disliked the piece mocking the Komen-fracking-pink drill bits, indeed I loved it. I’m just fussing because every time I want to take a break from cancer and indulge in other interests, it pops up.


I’ve discussed in older posts the concept of “getting over cancer”, how friends and family expect patients to just be “done”, they think that after treatment, things like recurrence, lingering side effects don’t matter. I’ve read many other bloggers discuss this topic. People ask, “aren’t you tired of talking about breast cancer?” Duh, yeah! But not talking about it does nothing to reduce risk for recurrence or a new cancer. Writing about it is the only thing helping me recover emotionally. Furthermore, look how unsuccessful I am when I do try to forget about it. Watching TV, escaping into music or whatever, cancer creeps in. I hardly ever get to the movies anymore, but the one I managed to take in, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, don’t ya know, opens with a scene of the hero as a child, his bald and weak mother in a hospital bed, dying right before the hero is whisked off into space to become this Guardian. I loved the film, but was very upset for those first few minutes.

Take a break from cancer? Yeah, I’d like to. Doubt it will ever happen tho’.

here cancer

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