Technical Difficulties–not cancer

This post is cancer related only in that it is about the negative impact on my cancer related blog, twitter and email.

Apparently all 3 of those things have been “compromised”. I only joined Twitter in order to link it to this blog so my posts would be tweeted. However, I’veĀ receivedĀ 3 messages since late Saturday night from Twitter that my password was reset. Evidence that posts/messages/my accounts have been tampered with is now appearing to me. If you’ve posted a comment and I’ve deleted (or it just did not appear, as I see stuff I’ve posted is disappearing without my actual involvement), I apologize–I am just doing some clean up.

Message to people who create these hacking or phishing adventures: Cute, good for you you’re so clever, to mess with my cancer-only blog, email, and Twitter account, which will not get you near my personal info (as in, there is no monetary benefit, and I’m poor, so getting to financial info would get you zilch too). Now go to hell.