Not to Be Seen After Cancer Surgery

So a couple of days ago Rolling Stone magazine asked for folks to tweet them their rock tattoos. Well, hey, I got the ultimate rock tattoo: the Red Hot Chili Peppers logo on my breast where my nipple used to be, where my tumor started. So I tweeted said tattoo to them.

Do you think it was included in their favorite rock tattoos today? Of course not. No, they can show Rose McGowan’s nipples in her barely there outfit she wore while attending the VMAs with Marilyn Manson several years ago. So they have no problem with nudity. But I have no nipple—how is that nude or offensive? Why not show my tattoo in their list of rock tattoos?

I’ll tell you why.

Because as a breast cancer “survivor” I am supposed to just wear pink feather boas and march in parades, not be sexual—as if that tattoo, with my no-nipple status is even sexual in the least (didn’t that Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl thing a few years ago teach us that all is well until a nipple slips out?). Breast cancer “survivors” are just supposed to uphold that strong warrior image, not do something like get a rock tattoo instead of reconstruction, to you know, try  to look “normal”. No one wants to know or to understand the reality of breast cancer—no one wants to see the scars and what really happens to us.

Fuck you, Rolling Stone.

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