A Strange Evolution

Sigh I am so tired of the endless Dumb Shit Said To Cancer Patients (DSSTCP) articles–yet here I am writing on the topic myself. Again.

My views and feelings on many topics in CancerLand have evolved slowly over the years since I began this blog. Most changes have been subtle I think, so subtle that maybe only I know the tiny differences. But I think my evolution on the topic of DSSTCP is noticeable.

When I first began interacting a bit on the interwebs with other breast cancer patients, I thought it was great that so many were writing “don’t say that, say this” types of books and pieces. I especially enjoyed the blog posts listing snappy comebacks some cancer patients thought up. You know, stuff like, if someone advised a patient to view cancer as a gift, patients would say “I want to return it/get a refund”, things of that ilk. I even went so far as to develop a list of DSSTCP with potential snappy comebacks, hoping to build a resource of those as a page on this blog. But I think I met some patients who were writing a book similar to that, so I abandoned it (like so many posts I start).

Lately, there seems to be a glut of what not to say, say this instead type of posts on my FB feed. Now, while some of the DSSTCP still greatly piss me off, I am at a point where I don’t really feel like reacting much if I hear any. I’m just not at the white hot angry stage I was when I first completed treatment. I’m no longer stuck in outrage mode. But for some dumb reason, I still clicked on some of these recent posts.

And I think I’ve had an epiphany of sorts. Continue reading “A Strange Evolution”

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