In the 1994 film “The Crow” the late Brandon Lee’s Eric Draven comes back from the dead with superpowers to exact revenge on the gang of men who killed him and his fiancée. There is a scene in which he places his hands on a villain to make the villain feel all the pain he and his fiancée felt, which ends up killing the villain if I remember correctly.

I don’t wish cancer upon anyone. But if I could have one superpower from the world of comic books (although “The Crow” is considered a graphic novel, but I’m not getting into that), this is the power I want to have. Not the power to fly, be invisible, shoot webs from my wrist, or do whatever the hell Aquaman does (“Aquaman sucks!” –Raj, on “The Big Bang Theory”). I wish I could somehow transfer all the fear I’ve felt since 2010 to those who criticize preventative mastectomy as being fear driven, so they would KNOW fear. Come here honey, let me tell you the story of fear and cancer. And while we’re at it, let me remind you I did not have a mastectomy, I was able to do lumpectomy, but I know damn well not to judge another’s medical decisions, just as everyone else damn well better not judge mine. It’s called empathy, look into it.

Oh, BTW, y’all already knew I’m The Hulk, right? Ha ha. Always angry, trying not to smash everything.