Thanks for all the kind reactions to my most recent post about a very touchy subject. I go back and read what I wrote and it is not my best, most clear writing. I’m amazed anyone can understand what I’m trying to say! Too many long sentences and junk in parentheses. All signs of how unsettled I am with the topic, how angry I still am about certain aspects of cancer. This was one the most difficult posts to write. I worry that I disagree with some of the most revered voices in the breast cancer community and while I admit to being a curmudgeon, it isn’t always fun to go against every damn grain. But I pledged to myself to be honest about everything in CancerLand, so that is all I am trying to do.

A Baby Step

To all of those who’ve liked, commented or otherwise contacted me about the “Take the Mythical Image…” (on WordPress and Tumblr) BIG THANKS. Those of us who refuse or just cannot fit that image–because we know depression, or hate pink, or have mets, or omigoodness have some other cancer (heed the sarcasm there, please), I assure you we are not alone. Whether you choose to simply not be a part of The Image and step aside, or like me, you openly criticize it, good job…it is the needed baby step.
I know I am a broken record about things that irk me–The Image, the sexualization of breast cancer, BRCA testing (as research-good, sold as a tool to fight cancer-no it isn’t, yet), the over-study of the same causes of cancer over and over (alcohol bad, carrots good, we get it, move on people), the misuse of the words prevention/early detection…well, you get the idea…there are many things. IN my humble opinion, the only way to bring about change is to keep asking for it, keep the pressure up. I desire change in cancer and the world at large most desperately.