Thanks For The Inspiring Comments!

I’ve received a few inspiring comments on recent posts. In the event that other readers have not commented, don’t read comments, and have some similar thoughts, I thought I’d better put a quick post up about a couple of things.

I was sent a couple of links to stories about Ms. Rose, the Miss America contestant who is getting the bilateral mastectomy. I did not, and probably will not investigate her case too much. I simply heard her story and passing and let it inspire me to continue my reflections on the decisions I made in my personal experiences. Ms. Rose is not the first minor celebrity to do this (did we not just witness something similar with Sharon Osbourne—I’m fuzzy on her medical facts; I am more interested in the human nature aspect; as in her actions and the media reported reaction), and I doubt she is the last. However, for those paying more attention, the two measly articles I read implied Ms. Rose did not have the BRCA gene, which is impossible, everyone has the gene, the key is in the mutation. I urge everyone to get facts about this from reputable resources. It is possible the articles were engaging in a kind of verbal shorthand, much in the way that retail or movie theater employees ask us for donations to support breast or childhood cancer. Who the hell “supports cancer?” What they really mean is to support research or the fight against cancer, but we as a society get lazy and cut out a few words. Hey I worked in retail for about 20 years; I know how tiresome it gets to ask, for the millionth time in a day, for more money from a customer…while they give you money. It sucks. But now as a person with an up close and personal knowledge of cancer, it annoys me. I would never “support cancer”, and I think it is important to be clear and use proper language when talking about cancer.

Speaking of being clear—I am worried that some might think I am not grateful for how lucky I am in my cancer outcomes. Believe me or not, I am. I know it could’ve been worse, I have personal experience with friends of “worse”, but I do not feel the need to use their stories to quantify my gratitude, it is too private to me and to them. I hope readers can be ok with that.

I will have a little more about gratitude and how it relates to my views in future posts.

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