In Real Life

I had the pleasure to meet a Tumblr cancer buddy, Greg Barnett aka gbph, this weekend, live and in person!

Meeting people via social networks is still new to me. Before cancer, I spent too much time viewing computers and the internet as work or chore tools—not recognizing the positive things that could occur. I am so glad that I’ve learned how great it can be to connect with people with similar interests, opinions, tastes, and more. Greg has been a huge influence and great cheerleader in my post-cancer life, one I will be eternally grateful for. (I’ve linked to his Tumblr blog or posted his thoughts a few times here on this WordPress blog.) I’ve been lucky in that this is my second real life Tumblr meet up; I’m lucky to have a found a dear friend in the crazy fandom world on Tumblr in rouge347–and we were lucky enough to meet in person a few weeks ago!

I will never be able to fully express just how much my life has been enriched by these experiences, how much I love my buddies!

Greg and I after lunch at a restaurant on Maryland’s glorious Chesapeake Bay:


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