2 thoughts on “IN Case You Missed It”

  1. dear cc,

    so much of what gayle wrote about made me see RED. patients’ rights – really? doesn’t even begin to address what rights every patient needs to be aware of and to assert that they are honored. just another gooey, pink, SELL. goes well with the reconstruction surgeons’ ad featuring a pink frosted, carb loaded, greasey ladden hunk of calories – with a HOLE. so they want “to make you WHOLE” -really??!! but most disturbing is how some women are made to feel pressure to elect reconstruction – anyone who perpetrates exerting even one iota of that pressure in order to gain financially should be kicked out of practicing medicine. wow – i must be on a rant because i am wishing there could be some kind of hidden camera to capture those bastards in action. bleck.

    so glad you posted this even though it makes me nauseous. we need to know these things.

    love, XOXO

    karen, TC


    1. I love Gayle’s book, so I always pay extra attention when she puts something out there. She is so great at keeping an eye out for stuff like this. Although I’ve already started the work on NOT reconstructing, I know others are still thinking about it, so this info needs to be read!


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