Thank You All for Keeping It Real!

On behalf of @barbieslosingit, @bccww, @abcdiagnosis, @welliesandseaweed and myself: a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our #BreastCancerRealityCheck✅! Looks like the hashtag has gone viral!


There were so many wonderful, REAL tweets that stood out, that revealed truths about your lives, our lives. As promised, on Saturday we will announce the tweet we think most captured the spirit of this reality check—and a donation to a breast cancer research organization will be made in that tweeter’s name.

But #BreastCancerRealityCheck is clearly resonating and more than just one day. Keep using it—keep telling the unvarnished truth—to offset the feel good stories that seem to glut the airwaves this time of year.

For those who do not know—the hashtag had a humble beginning. After Rebecca Wilkinson’s Facebook post went viral and gained attention across the Interwebz, I re-shared an old post of my own—How About a What Cancer Really Does to Breasts Day? Annie (@barbieslosingit) thought, good idea—but the hashtag is too long. Soon Jo (@abcdiagnosis) suggested #BreastCancerRealityCheck and with the help of @bccww and @welliesandseaweed, a plan for a day of getting the reality about breast cancer out there—in the form of pictures or just words—was formed.

We’ve all kept it real, and hope everyone continues to keep it real. Of course the hashtag invites some to assume we were talking about self-checking the “boobies”—one leering tweet in particular is burned into my memory, sadly—but for the most part, our strong voices drowned out that noise.

Now, let’s keep it up! Will be back in a couple days with the most spirited tweet!


Author: Cancer Curmudgeon

Oct 2010 diagnosed with Stage 3, HER2+ Breast Cancer. Completed treatment Jan 2012. Waaaaaay over pink. Applying punk rock sensibility to how I do cancer.

4 thoughts on “Thank You All for Keeping It Real!”

  1. Thanks for getting the word out, Curmudgeon! And also for including all the Twitter handles for the whole group. I managed to figure out and connect with a few of these wonderful folks, but now I can connect with the others. So glad it succeeded! xoxo, Kathi


  2. As a woman with advanced BC/metastatic BC, whatever it is called these days, I despise this month. I am so tired of this horrid disease being pink washed. I think it is time to get a twitter account 🙂


    1. Ha ha, yep, lots on Twitter–tho’ I could never be good at telling you much about it. Just this morning I was grumpy about how my phone’s Twitter app wasn’t letting me see something that I know I can access on my laptop and tablet. Technical issues are forever!
      It is a shame so many of us despise this month–I just cannot because I have a B-day and then Halloween, so it used to be my fave month. In some ways it has made me more bitter about the pink invasion. I hope eventually tho–if enough of us speak up, some of this tide will change.


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