15 Random Facts About Me

Yep, I am answering Nancy’s call to post 15 random facts about myself. Some of these facts may have appeared on past blogs—I apologize for the repeats!

  1. I am an only child—I’m sure that is apparent sometimes!
  1. My birthday is October 29, 1971. Why yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday!
  1. Yes, I’m almost 44 and I still cannot quite grasp that. I still think and act like I’m in my early 30s, or younger.
  1. I’m allergic to cats and still choose to be a pet sitter. Go figure. Probably says a lot about how I prefer animals to people.
  1. I do not like to drink milk out of a glass—it creeps me out. I prefer to plastic cups, or ceramic mugs—anything but glass.
  1. Like Nancy, I try to avoid politics on my blog, but I am a proud, flaming liberal. And not just because I benefited from Obamacare’s support for self-employed people with pre-existing conditions.
  1. Like Nancy, I cannot swim. It sucks because I’ve lived near the ocean my whole life.
  1. About the not-swimming/loving the beach: as I’ve aged, I’ve grown to hate the way sand gets everywhere. Yet I still love lounging on the beach—looking at the water, hearing the seagulls and people enjoying their day. So in short, can’t swim, don’t like sand and still love putting myself at the beach. Weird.
  1. Also about the not-swimming: I intend to learn because I want to learn to surf. I still fantasize about chucking it all, moving to Hawaii (or other surf-centric location) and just living simply and surfing every day.
  1. Never say never, but I’ve worked in retail and for a non-profit arts organization, and both experiences left me sour. I hope to never work in those fields again.
  1. I am a dog person when the weather is great and I want to be outside, walking and playing with a dog. I am a cat person when the weather is rainy (like today) or snowy, cold. Talk about a fair weather friend!
  1. I love to drive fast. I want to drive on the Autobahn. Or become a NASCAR racer.
  1. I love cooking, but hate baking. Baking breads and cakes calls for too much precision. Cooking meals is my creative outlet, and precision stifles the creativity for me.
  1. I love vegetables but hate fruit.
  1. I like all kinds of fancy shmancy desserts, but at the end of the day, my favorite will always be Tastykake chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing (no cream filling, I HATE cream fillings)!