Cancer as PMS

I used to say this about PMS: things that I griped about when I had PMS bothered me all the time, it is just that when I had PMS, I was more likely to tell you about it.

I’ve found the same to be true of my post-cancer lack of patience, really. As in, I have none at all. So, it may appear more things irk me these days that did not irk me before I got sick. Nope! All this stuff always pissed me off…I’m just faster to start complaining about it, and I do it louder than ever, in a completely obnoxious manner (I used to be more polite).

And I am soooo OK with that!

I’m making this fact part of my new normal (man, I’m starting to hate that little Cancerville phrase too–but that’s a whole other post).